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Health Insurance : Often the biggest obstacle to a worry free retirement overseas

overseas health insurance for retired Australians

We are very much in favour of Australians considering retirement overseas, particularly into some of the lower cost Asian countries. It is not without it's challenges, and it's not for everyone, but in many cases it will provide retirees with an interesting lifestyle unattainable in Australia.

NAPLAN - An introduction

NAPLAN - comparing Australian schools

For returning expatriates with children, finding the "right" school is often their highest priority, influencing both where the family will live and often their parent's employment..

Australia doesn't have an Inheritance Tax, or does it?

Australian Inheritance Tax

Strictly speaking, Australia has no inheritance tax – however, the rules around the application of capital gains tax (CGT) for non-residents differ from those applying to resident Australians where there is an inheritance. As a general rule, capital gains tax (CGT) applies to any change of ownership of a CGT asset, unless the asset was acquired pre CGT (September 1985).

Retiring Overseas on an Australian Age Pension

retiring overseas on an Australian pension

We very much support the idea of Australians spending all or part of their retirement offshore - cost of living differences mean that they can potentially have a much more relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle. It's not for everyone - you need to factor in the impact of prolonged absences from family and lifelong friends - but it is certainly an option that is worthwhile considering.

Expatriate Tax Myths

Australian expatriate tax myths

Australia has a complicated tax system; being an expatriate adds another level of complexity

We have collected some common myths below regarding taxation if you are an Australian expatriate - just to be clear, these statements are (usually*) WRONG.

Expats and establishing a VPN

VPN networks for Expats

It sounds a little strange, but we recommend that every expatriate and traveller who is going to use the internet extensively while travelling or living overseas should obtain a VPN service.

Superannuation - the politician's piggybank?

Are Australian politicians seeing superannuation as a piggybank account?

It seems that Australian politicians just can't help themselves - barely a year goes by without some tinkering or meddling in the structure of superannuation.

Budget 2012 - Non Residents should arrange valuations on any Australian investment properties!

Valuations for Australian property

Update : On Friday, March 8 2013- some ten months after the budget announcement -  the Government has released an Exposure Draft outlining how these changes will apply and providing one month for consultation. We, or our sister site Exfin, will shortly provide details and more commentary.

Are Australian expats a "soft target" for tax changes?

When overseas, Australian politicians like to be seen in the company of successful Australian expatriates - usually in London, New York, Los Angeles and other attractive city environments. Few, if any, visit Australians working in remote resources projects in Africa, South America or various parts of Asia - it's probably neither newsworthy or comfortable for them.

Expat Life Insurance

Just a few years ago arranging life insurance for Australian expats was far from easy.