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Are Australian expats a "soft target" for tax changes?

When overseas, Australian politicians like to be seen in the company of successful Australian expatriates - usually in London, New York, Los Angeles and other attractive city environments. Few, if any, visit Australians working in remote resources projects in Africa, South America or various parts of Asia - it's probably neither newsworthy or comfortable for them.

Expat Life Insurance

Just a few years ago arranging life insurance for Australian expats was far from easy.

Time Share is old hat ...

International fractional ownership of property

If you would love a holiday home overseas, but don't want to tie up large amounts of capital in a property which you may only use a few weeks a year, or want more variety in terms of your holiday location, fractional ownership might be the answer.

Buying a Car - Novated Leases for Expats

Using a novated lease to buy a car in Australia

There are very few places in Australia where you can "survive", particularly as a family, without a car. Unfortunately, they are an expensive necessity, and we find most Australian expats, migrants and temporary residents either buy a new or used car within weeks of arriving in Australia. Some arrange for the car to be available at the airport on their arrival!

Tax Residency - Alarm Bells Ringing

Change to Australian tax residency ring alarm bells

There have been some recent indications that the ATO is more actively challenging individuals who claim to be non-resident for tax purposes. In particular, many Australians working in zero tax regimes, such as the Middle East, have recently received assessments based on the ATO's assertion that they have remained resident for Australian tax purposes.

Retiring into Asia: Poll Results

We are not going to pretend that our recent poll, asking you to choose between Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka as retirement detinations will bear scientific scrutiny. However, it does suggest that Thailand is very much the favoured destination for Australian retirees into Asia - receiving 55% of all the votes.

Australian Expatriate "Voting Rights"

An Australian election on September 7, 2013

We now have a Federal election scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2013 and unfortunately the rules and regulations surrounding voting overseas continue to make it difficult or impossible for Australians to maintain their ability to vote. This is completely contrary to the position regarding tax residency, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the clutches of the ATO.

Forex transfers - bank robbery?

Forex transfers - bank robbery

Expats who take a relaxed approach to managing their forex transfers will often find that it costs them dearly.

Australian Superannuation - Yet more changes!

Superannuation Changes

We seem to have a Government as present which, when faced with a fork in the road always decides to take the "wrong one". Consequently, facing a Budget blow out of very significant proportions (too much spending and too little "mining tax" revenue") they decided to focus of the "Cookie Jar", which is every right minded politician's view of superannuation.

Sterling continues to weaken against Australian Dollar

Pound weakens against Australian dollar

Despite the AUD being at 4 month lows amongst most major currencies as this article is written, Sterling has continued it's poor performance against the Australian dollar into 2013 and is at nearly 30 year lows. The chart below shows monthly average exchange rates over the last 20 years - with the AUD continuing to trend well above the long-term "average" rate.